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.Delicate cleaning by true professionals with powerful results. Add the worlds best wood preservatives and we'll keep your deck or dock looking its absolute best for many, many years. was foundedby the fact that the Northwest is geographically one of the harshest environment for wood decks and docks and our region was desperate for wood deck cleaning and deck cleaning and sealing service. Wood deck cleaning and sealing isn't just about deck pressure washing (deck power washing), its about wood-care and the delicate workmanship needed to remove expired sealers, mold, and soils while leaving the healthy wood fibers intact and ready to accept a high quality wood preservative.  just about We provide free and timely estimates for wood deck cleaning and staining in Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Seattle, Renton Everett, and the surrounding areas.

Wood deck cleaning and sealing and simply wood deck cleaning and composite deck cleaning methods very drastically from wood species or manufacturers recommendations. If attempting a deck cleaning and sealing project yourself, use proper equipment (to avoid damage to the deck and to get the job done) and proper cleaners and technique (to avoid forcing water into sensitive areas around your house). Use a high quality stain or sealer (usually obtained from a paint specialty store). Below is a summary of what you'll need.

 Cleaning tips:

-A moderate flow pressure washer with non-marking hose (1500psi and 3gpm will do. "Rental stores carry these").

-Use a quality cleaner or stripper and "let it do its work" and use as little pressure as necessary when washing

Staining Tips

-Allow the deck to adequately dry for 2 or more days with no rain

 -Remove any wood fiber "fuzzies) with a scotch brite pad and place cardboard or drop-cloths under railings.

-Stain the railings first, then the deck working your way toward your exit. Follow manufactures application directions.


We would love to handle all of your deck cleaning and sealing in Kirkland, Bellevue, Bothell, Renton, Everett, Seattle, and surrounding needs. Pleas Call us at 425 270 8497 or visit our contact page